Complimentary Approaches

Yoga PoseComplementary Approaches

Complementary Therapies are healing techniques that have existed in Western as well as other cultures for centuries. They often complement and enhance traditional Western medicine and psychotherapy. At ClearPath we have always collaborated with practitioners of various complementary approaches in order to enhance our psychotherapeutic services. Following are the descriptions of some of these methods as well as information regarding practitioners who, although working out of their own offices, remain in close association and collaboration with us at ClearPath

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is a gentle, enlivening exercise that tones the muscles and organs of the body and releases stress. Focus on breath while practicing postures contributes to quieting the mind and body. Strength, flexibility and mind body integration result from the practice. Group and individual instruction available.


The purpose of any form of Meditation is to quiet the mind and body and bring oneself into the present moment. The benefits include clearer mind, increased energy and heightened awareness, enabling one to partake in life without being overwhelmed by it.

Stress Management

Stress Management Courses teach the awareness and skills needed to cope creatively and successfully with contemporary life both at work and at home. Topics include basic stress busting strategies, working with thoughts and feelings, relationships, problem solving and change management, conflict management, meditation and self hypnosis. Courses are tailored for individuals, groups and organizations. View more information on theses Courses here...

Massage Therapy

Oriental and Western massage techniques and CranioSacral therapy are utilized for rejuvenation, stress reduction, and health maintenance. We endorse Jenna Kit Milner -licensed massage therapist in Ithaca, New York, since 1996, with Eight Waves Integrated Massage.

CranioSacral Therapy

Upledger CranioSacral therapy is a gentle noninvasive technique for identifying and releasing strains in the spinal and head areas, resulting in a quieting and relaxation of the mind body system.


The system of homeopathic medicine makes use of micro doses of medicinal substances to stimulate natural healing. It is effective in treatment of physical diseases as well as psychiatric conditions.


Acupuncture has existed for centuries and has been shown to relieve a great variety of conditions by freeing up the "very complex bioelectric system" that is the MindBody. Acupuncture (the use of extremely fine needles about the thickness of a hair), acupressure (employing pressure at various blocked points) and herbs combine to effect change in mental/emotional as well as physical conditions.


Coaching is a powerful and lasting relationship that helps you focus and create the life you desire. With the help of a Coach, you will get the tools and support you need to remove obstacles and facilitate change.