Corporate and Business Offerings

The PLUS Project

Performing and Living Under Stress

The PLUS project began as a fairly conventional course in stress management and evolved into a more in-depth approach to stress and change management. By focusing on new ways of perceiving, thinking, feeling and relating, it goes beyond basic stress-busting tools to provide a lasting approach to life mastery.

Today's workplace asks you to maintain high performance in the face of job uncertainty. How do you deal with both? How can you live with not knowing about the future, perform with effectiveness and enthusiasm, and still have a life at home?

The PLUS Project is more than a surface solution to this dilemma. It introduces a way of performing and living at work or at home that is rooted in self-knowledge and empowerment: living from the inside out.

The project will include:

  • developing body-mind-emotional awareness
  • learning the art of healthy control--how we see and respond to events, co-workers, family and friends
  • mastering creative skills to reduce the anxiety of uncertainty

The PLUS approach is based on the four cornerstones of awareness, emotional truth, integrity and vital relationship and offers any or all of the following content modules:

  • The Basic MindBody Skills and Awareness
  • Thinking, Believing and Stress
  • Emotions and Stress
  • Relationships
  • Problem Solving
  • Shame, Pride and Self-esteem
  • Meditation

The PLUS Project can be tailored to the specific needs of any management or employee/staff group and is being offered by Andrew Seubert.


The PLUS Retreat

LIVING AND PERFORMING FROM THE INSIDE OUT - Balance and Strategies for Stressful Times

This retreat is a more in-depth experience of the material found in Andrew Seubert's PLUS Project-a stress and change management training that goes beyond the quick fix. Its intent is to deepen various practices and strategies, thereby creating a new way of perceiving, living and performing.

Given the expanded time frame of the retreat format, there will be more opportunity as well for building and experiencing a supportive community to brainstorm daily dilemmas and stressors that face executives and managers. The retreat will draw on practices that have literally transformed lives both in our contemporary age as well as throughout cultures and ages throughout time.

The stress, the demands, the decisions facing executives and managers during these times are literally overwhelming. It has become imperative to find within ourselves as well as between each other the deep peace and the sense of wellbeing that can only come from a commitment to new ways of seeing, being, behaving and interacting. And it all begins inside.

To live from the powerful inner world of awareness, conscious thought and balanced emotion is to truly become Self-masters. So often it is not even the external stressors, but rather the stories we tell ourselves about them that creates the problem. And one of the most self-destructive stories of all is the "I can't handle it!" fable.

Yet, at times it is true that we haven't learned how to "handle it". This then is the ultimate goal of the retreat: to know that-and how-we can handle the stress and anxiety of contemporary business life from the inside out. Beginning with various practices to increase awareness and center us in the power of the present moment, participants will have the opportunity, both individually and in groups, to explore psychological, behavioral and spiritual issues that may arise from periods of meditative quiet.

The very form of this retreat, therefore, is holistic and inclusive in nature. This translates as highly interactive and experiential, while including periods of silence, short talks and individual and group experiences. Some of the opportunities available to participants will include sitting and walking meditation, yoga, body work, individual and group processing, practice in "emotional intelligence", sessions in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), journaling and drumming. Every experience is an invitation, not a requirement, with utmost respect for preference and privacy.

Participants will:

  • Practice mindfulness and self-awareness
  • Experience the power of present-centeredness
  • Inhabit the body more consciously
  • Have opportunities for both individual and group processing
  • Explore behavioral patterns, action choices that support Integrity
  • Enjoy creative play as well as time alone
  • Experience community-at-work as it was meant to be.


Community Through Conflict

"Conflict resolution" and "consensus building" are phrases that have become familiar in the workplace. To achieve these goals, skills are typically taught that help coworkers and team members overcome conflictual obstacles to company success. Quite often, however, something is missing and the new learning doesn't take hold. What is missing is the power of awareness, deep responsibility, and the courage to tell the truth. The skills alone aren't enough.

What is often overlooked in favor of skills and information are the four cornerstones that Andrew places at the heart of all of his work: awareness, emotional truth, integrity and vital relationship. When the inside realities (internal experiences of thoughts, feelings, wants, needs and body sensations) are attended to, the outside events (responses and behaviors) enjoy greater success. It's a matter-whether at home or at work-of living from the inside out.

This workshop emphasizes personal awareness, responsibility and choice in addition to the traditional tools needed for communication, conflict resolution and consensus building. Conflict becomes an opportunity to create community, rather than something inevitably leading to pain, frustration and "losing".

Andrew uses a highly engaging and interactive style of presentation to teach, inspire and create possibilities for active learning. His passion about his work is expressed in his use of music, creative imagination, experiential approaches and humor.