Overview of Workshops, Retreats and Groups

At ClearPath we offer a range of experiences that enhance individual or couples and groups experiences for healing and growth. Below is an overview of some of our events, which we are not currently scheduling but would be available if you wish to organize these in your area.

Sacred Series The Sacred Series

In the busyness and the often chaotic pace of life, we forget to visit the stillness, the inner peace that is always available to us if we just turn our attention in that direction.  In the future ClearPath Center will be offering several weekend experiences to avail us of the opportunity to find that stillpoint inside, to return to a greater sense of balance and gratefulness often lost in our daily lives. 

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Personal Therapeutic Retreats (PTR) 

A personal therapeutic retreat (PTR) is an opportunity to set aside larger blocks of time to focus more intensively on issues that persistently interrupt one’s growth towards a happier and more fulfilled life. It can also be a time for retreat from the busyness we all experience and a chance to return to our deeper values and core Self. Usually a combination of both, the focus here, of course, is determined by a collaboration of therapist and client.

Our therapy at ClearPath is eclectic in nature, but is primarily based on the conviction that the capacity to heal is innate in each of us. Our job at ClearPath is to midwife, to jump start that healing ability in each client, and, as our mission statement reveals, to “recognize [that] symptoms in body, mind, emotion or spirit call to us as opportunities for change. Our philosophy is to support individuals, relationships and organizations in their unique movement toward self-healing and growth.” In essence, ours is a psychospiritual orientation, utilizing all of the resources each individual brings.

More specifically, we embrace a trauma-informed approach, meaning that we see past painful experiences as the root of presenting complaints and difficulties. When source experiences have been neutralized, it is much easier to change present behaviors and attitudes, as well as to prepare for future challenges.          Read more on this Retreat here.

The Integrative Group Retreat

Most of us have learned to separate mind, body, emotions, behaviors and spirit, and we do this on a daily and continuous basis. Consequently, life integrity-when our thoughts, feelings, bodies, and behaviors are in alignment--has often become a lost art. The Integrative Retreat provides the opportunity to reconnect these various dimensions of our existence and, by so doing, reclaim our vitality and passion for living. We learn to do this from an inner "still point" which grounds us in the face of internal as well as external stress-ors and crises.

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TThe Heart of Vital Relationshiphe Heart of Vital Relationship

Relationships can be vital and bring out the best in us, but many of us come to experience marriage more as a function and limitation than as a fulfilling and enlivening experience. There have been numerous great and inspiring love stories, but most movies, novels, and love songs don’t tell us how to keep love alive.


Meditative AwarenMeditative Awareness Groupess Group:

At the heart of many meditation practices is Awareness. Awareness is the most powerful skill for growing beyond our conditioning, our emotional looping, and our Self-bashing. Yet, given the responsibilities and demands of everyday life, awareness is very difficult for many of us to maintain. In response to this dilemma Andrew Seubert of ClearPath Healing Arts Center is offering a six-week group experience integrating meditative practice and group process.

The group will meet twice a month for three months (one Saturday and a Wednesday, times adjusted to needs of participants, but usually late afternoon on Wednesdays and Saturday mornings).
Each group will last two hours, contain a maximum of eight people and cost $25.00 per session (payment must be either in full for the six weeks or paid in two installments). Speak with Andrew about the possibility of insurance.