Erin Leah Robarge Annual Memorial Conference

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The Brain Gut Connection.



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This year our theme for the conference was Healing from the Inside Out.



Barb and a dear colleague, Julie.


The conference room at the Radisson, Corning, NY


Lunch is always provided!


15th Annual Erin Leah Robarge Memorial Conference

Each year ClearPath Center and the Upstate NY Eating Disorder Services ( co-sponsor a one-day eating disorder conference in memory of Barbara’s daughter, who lost her life to anorexia in 2000.

This year, by popular demand, we invited back Laura Hill, (photo on the left) the President and CEO of the Center for Balanced Living, who presented the keynote talk “Strength in Connections: from the Brain to Family and Friends.” Her presentation, as before, was memorable, especially because the content was continuously reinforced via audience participation. For many it was a relief to discover how much brain connections contribute to eating disorders and to hear what might be done in the future to correct these neurological malfunctions.

The afternoon was devoted to experiential approaches in the treatment of eating disorders. Clare Brown, Clinical Director at Solstone, the residential program at the Upstate NY Eating Disorder Services, gave us an overview of the various nonverbal/experiential modalities that are proving to be effective in treating eating disorders.

Carolyn Hodges Chaffee, (Photo below left) Director of the UNYED Services, enlightened the audience about how food affects the body and its role in treatment.  Dr. Sophia Bezirganian did the same regarding medication management. Finally, Jill Catherine, assisted by the drumming of Zane Seubert, told her recovery story through dance and drumming, a powerful ending to a most expansive day.

The purpose of these conferences since the first in 2000 has been to educate our community--professionals, clients and family members alike--with respect to eating disorders and their treatment. It is our hope that our annual one-day gatherings will continue to raise awareness of these powerful and life-threatening disorders and offer cutting edge information toward successful treatment.

 Photo on left - Barb Dick, Katie Cooper and our Barb

Photo below - Zane Seubert and Jill Catherine











Carolyn Hodges Chafee, MS, RDN, CEDRD and Annika Kahm, MS have written this insightful book specifically aimed in assisting with the treatment of Eating Disorders. Here is a link to their website with all the information on the book, including excerpts and purchasing options. Measuring Health from the Inside Out.