A Personal Therapeutic Retreat

Personal Therapeutic Retreats 16A personal therapeutic retreat (PTR) is an opportunity to set aside larger blocks of time to focus more intensively on issues that persistently interrupt one’s growth towards a happier and more fulfilled life. It can also be a time for retreat from the busyness we all experience and a chance to return to our deeper values and core Self. Usually a combination of both, the focus here, of course, is determined by a collaboration of therapist and client.

How long does a PTR last & what is the cost?

A PTR can last from one to several days or even longer. Each working day is typically about eight hours in length, which includes time for breaks and a lunch hour. The daily rate is $1200.00. Accommodations are available here at ClearPath Center for an individual or a couple for $100.00/night. There are also numerous B&Bs and several hotels around Seneca Lake that are available year round.

“That’s a lot of money!”

Yes, it is, particularly since this cannot be billed to insurances, which is why we arrange payment plans when needed. However, the concentrated use of time (as opposed to the standard 50-minute therapy session) is extremely efficient in that so much more is accomplished in a day’s intensive rather than months of weekly 50-minute sessions. In the long run, it’s a bargain!

For this reason, this format is particularly helpful for individuals who have suffered from trauma and PTSD symptoms, often for years with little or no resolution with traditional talk therapy and weekly sessions. Achieving a healing, life-changing shift with a clear plan and focus has become one of Andrew’s specialties.

“So what kind of therapy do you do?”

Our therapy at ClearPath is eclectic in nature, but is primarily based on the conviction that the capacity to heal is innate in each of us. Our job at ClearPath is to midwife, to jump start that healing ability in each client, and, as our mission statement reveals, to “recognize [that] symptoms in body, mind, emotion or spirit call to us as opportunities for change. Our philosophy is to support individuals, relationships and organizations in their unique movement toward self-healing and growth.” In essence, ours is a psychospiritual orientation, utilizing all of the resources each individual brings.

More specifically, we embrace a trauma-informed approach, meaning that we see past painful experiences as the root of presenting complaints and difficulties. When source experiences have been neutralized, it is much easier to change present behaviors and attitudes, as well as to prepare for future challenges.

Both Barbara and Andrew are trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Read more, and Andrew is also an approved consultant and trainer in EMDR. Both Barbara and Andrew incorporate years of Gestalt background, the use of creative expression and over 50 years of combined experience.

Is this only for individuals?

A PTR can be scheduled for individuals as well as for individual couples, or even small groups. At ClearPath we enjoy working with couples of all kinds and orientations, and focused time can be a wonderful opportunity for a couple to work through places where they’ve been stuck, as well as a chance to renew and revitalize that which brought them together.