Finger Lakes Trauma Emergency Network

Finger Lakes Trauma Emergency Network

In the recent past, I, Tony Cotraccia, Lisa Kendall and Barbara Ganzel met to create a network of therapists with trauma and/or grief experience to volunteer services in case of emergencies, such as bombings, shootings or, in this case, epidemics. I believe it’s time to resurrect that idea and make it a reality in case we get hit by the pandemic in the Finger Lakes region.Generally, the way it would go would be something like: you add your name and contact number to our list. In case of any emergency requiring psychotherapeutic titrating, I (or something of a contact person) would receive the call and then pass the request on to the list. Then someone graciously volunteers.The next step would be to make this service known to the various hospitals in our area, and then to the Red Cross, law enforcement members, etc.

Originally, we were thinking of an EMDR network, but I believe that would be too exclusive. Yet, I would strongly urge those with such trauma training to volunteer. If this Finger Lakes Trauma Emergency Network (FL/TEN) were to continue after the epidemic, we could occasionally host in-services to make sure we’re ready for emergencies.

If you’re open to this, please reply to:

I believe it would be a mistake to wait until things worsen before we try to figure out how to put therapists in touch with emergency needs of our community. As someone said, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

Looking forward to hearing from you. And please pass this invitation on to others.

Be safe and well. Andrew