The true hero’s journey never ends

We had our 15th annual memorial conference eating disorders yesterday, in memory of my daughter Erin. Throughout the day I couldn’t help but think about how the new discoveries in the field of neurobiology, psychopharmacology, and the impact on therapeutic approaches might have changed the course for my daughter. I felt sadness, but mostly I was filled with gratitude for how far we’ve come and for all the gifted practitioners dedicated to helping this population. I could have wallowed in regret and even guilt for what might have been if only…but I have learned that if onlies are pools of quicksand on the journey through grief.

The more research that is done on the brain, the more we realize we still have to learn. And so we keep moving forward. Just as it has to be for us as individuals. We knew what we knew. We did the best we could with who we were, and we kept moving. The true hero’s journey never ends.

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