What’s the Question

Ever since my car accident less than two weeks ago, I’ve thought often about what it means to me.  That may sound odd, but given the fact that I was driving and skidded on ice into the side rear of a tractor trailer in the on-coming lane, it seems like a miracle that I’m here to write about it.  I’m still dealing with the pain from my fractured sternum, and some discomfort from a hematoma on my right knee, but otherwise I escaped with no other physical injuries.

One of the messages I’m taking from this is the importance of slowing down and being clear about what matters and what I want my life to be about from here on out.  I love the work I do, but I’m the first to admit that I have difficulty not putting work and getting things done ahead of choices that could make my life more enjoyable and feel easier.  Even canceling clients for the past few weeks has been a challenge, even though others tell me I’m crazy not to take the time off without another thought.

As I mused about this early this morning, I was aware that underlying so many of my thoughts about the upcoming day and week tend to be about what I can accomplish and not wanting to let others down.  “What can I get done today?”  trumps any thought of “How can I enjoy today?” and “How can I be inspired and creative today?”  The latter are clearly values I espouse and support in others, but it never became as clear as it did this morning how the question that mostly drives my planning choices is the first.

So I challenge you to think about what questions you currently ask yourself, perhaps without being aware, and what questions you want to have influencing the choices you make about how to be and who you are.  As Sam Keen so wisely stated many years ago, “The questions you ask determine the answers you get.”

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